MARS 700

MARS is the warrior that will not only power your essentials but more...

700 W

AC Output

710 Wh

Battery Capacity

2 Hours


PD 100W

USB-C 3.0

Power Everywhere Anytime

Discover new experience in the out

Solaris MARS 700 - LOTS TO POWER!

0-100% in just 2 hours

Solaris MARS 700 is equipped with a quick charging feature that will get back connected in no time.

Power Everywhere Anywhere

Solaris Portable Power Stations, are light in weight and easy to carry, making it your best companion on the go.

Charge with no Limit

With its built in MPPT Solar charge controller, you can enjoy unlimited experience of energy through-out the day.

Technical Specification

710.4 Wh

High-Quality Lithium battery Cycles > 800 Cycles

0-100% in 2 hours

Quick Charging

700W - 1400W MAX

Pure Sine Wave AC 220V, 50Hz


AC Adapter: 255W Car Adapter: 120W MPPT SCC: 10-30V 150W USB-C PD 3.0 I/O: 100W


1xAC: 220V, 50Hz 4xUSB-A: 2x10W, 2x18W 2xUSB-C PD: 100W 2xDC 5.5mm & Lighter Socket: 120W

Light Weight

Weight: 6.8kgs Size: L270*W200*H240MM Temp: @50°C

MARS 700

Little secret: in the English language, MARS is named for the Roman god of war, and just like that our MARS power station will fight for you!

AED 1,699

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Solaris warranty

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