From Classroom to Boardroom: The Inspiring Rise of Solaris Solutions

Solaris Solutions is not just a tech start-up that develops and sells energy-related products and services utilizing renewable energy; we also spread knowledge and empower individuals.


The journey of Solaris Solutions began with a capstone project for an electrical engineering final course, which was focused on an off-grid, standalone, portable solar system. The inspiration to bring this lab project to the public occurred during our final presentation for the course when we were asked a simple yet profound question: “What’s next?”

We were inspired to create Solaris because we live in a region full of conflicts and crises, and we recognized that accessing electricity is a crucial tool for our daily needs. We wanted to create a solution that would provide people with reliable access to electricity, no matter where they are.

AEIC, the American University in Dubai (AUD) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center program:

In the beginning, we joined the AUD AEIC incubator (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the American University in Dubai). The incubator helped us understand the process of taking a product from ideation to market and empower our entrepreneurial mindset. Over the program of several months, we developed three prototypes before arriving at the final Solaris power station. We tested and refined our design until we were confident that it was a viable solution that could make a real difference in people’s lives.

Khalfan Belhoul
Chief Executive Officer- Dubai Future Foundation

Our hard work paid off when we entered the AUD UEP university entrepreneurship program and won first place. We were awarded around AED 15K to develop our prototype further, and we used that funding to continue refining our design and preparing to bring Solaris to market.

We were able to take our idea from a capstone project to a successful start-up. We believe that our success is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and innovation, and we are committed to continuing our journey of empowering others to make a positive impact in the world.

The mindset level, helped us understand the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset and how it can be applied to any field. The ideation level, which focuses on generating and refining business ideas, helped us develop our business plan and value proposition. The incubation level provided us with a supportive environment where we could test and refine our business model, while the acceleration level helped us bring our product to market.

We are honored to be the first start-up to graduate from AEIC-AUD, and we believe that our success is a testament to the center’s commitment to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Partnering with a multinational company “Caparo ME”:

Soon afterward, we entered discussions with Caparo Middle East, a part of the Caparo Group and a worldwide distributor and trader of industrial and electrical products, including cable management systems and batteries. Currently, we are working closely with Caparo as we develop and sell “Solaris power stations” upon which an official agreement has been formed with Caparo for the development and distribution of the Solaris power stations…

Solaris Portable Power Station:

One of the unique aspects of Solaris Portable Power Stations is that they are designed to meet the needs and wants of two distinct customer segments. The first segment is the “need’ market, where people require a reliable power supply in situations where electricity is not stable. This includes areas with unreliable or intermittent power grids, as well as places where natural disasters have disrupted power supplies.

The second segment is the “want” market, where people are looking for a power source on the go for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and boating. This segment is interested in a portable power station that is lightweight, durable, and can provide enough power to charge their devices, run small appliances, and power lights.

By serving both of these customer segments, Solaris Portable Power Stations are able to reach a wider audience and provide a valuable service to people who need it the most. We are proud to be able to offer a product that not only meets the needs of our customers but also aligns with our values of innovation, sustainability, and social impact.

At Solaris, we remain committed to developing innovative energy products and services that bring value and ease to human life

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